Endless Flowering

FAQ about your Anthurium

Congratulations on your new anthurium! The Anthurium is also known as the flamingo flower plant and they come in a lot of different colors. It is a tropical plant that originally comes from the tropical rainforests of South America.

Below you read frequently asked questions for the best care of an Anthurium

How to care...

The plant needs to surround itself in a room with natural light. It only needs one or twice per week water, it all depends on the temperature inside. Remember that the anthurium comes from the tropical rainforest so a spray (rain) of water ones in a while will be appreciated :-)

Direct sunlight?

Do anthuriums need sunlight? Anthuriums need natural light but not direct sunlight during the sunny months as the sun can burn the flowers and leaves. When the sunny months have passed they can look out the window again ;-)

How much water?

To get the most out of your anthurium you need to keep the soil moist (not soaking wet). Water your plant 1-2 per week but always check and feel the soil. Besides that it's important to spray the Anthurium also twice a week.

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